Shine Society Glass and then Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner

100% All-Natural Anti Streak Formula, Designed for Tinted and then Non-Tinted Car Windows by way of Microfiber Towel Included (18 oz.)

window cleaner

SPECIALIST GLASS TREATMENT: Are you obtaining fingerprints, streaks, and then smudges impairing the view out of the windshield or perhaps drivers side window? It’s time for you to use what the pro’s make use of! This glass cleaner was made to deep clean all types of glass to perfect clarity and

ANTI-STREAKING FORMULA: This kind of glass cleaner was designed to get rid of streaks and keep all of them off! Achieve that transparent clean consistently by way of this automotive glass cleaner and

DISINFECTANT: All too often all of us use window cleaners that only take out dirt – which is fine, yet Shine Society’s Glass Cleaner requires it 1 step further. This kind of window cleaner will efficiently eliminate 99.9% of all germs and bacteria the fact that sit on the surface of the glass or perhaps windows

ALL-NATURAL FORMULA: Made with all-natural and then sustainable ingredients, making this window cleaner secure for use around your children and then pets but

EASE OF USE: Simply spray upon, and wipe away in a circular motion by way of two separate microfiber towels!

window cleaner

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