Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle


Jack by way of Jack Stand. Patented style both lifts and then holds simply by combining a container jack having a jack stand in one device


The 2 ton Unijack is designed to lift up and then hold vehicles with lift points as little as 8-5/8″. No more jackstands! The UniJack 2 Ton Jack is actually a bottle jack and then jackstand all in one. It will safely lift and keep Unibody as well as classic body-on-frame sedans, little SUVs and CUVs. Lighter, less expensive and smaller than a floor jack, by way of 4000 pound capacity and 18-5/8″ max lift height. It’s ideal for anywhere you’d use a bottle jack or perhaps jack stand


Powerbuilt Equipment will be Serious Tools for Serious Work. Millions of Powerbuilt products are used each day around the globe, on the job, in the home and in the garage. Powerbuilt tools are built with all the performance, features, fit and finish to satisfy one of the most demanding users.

No matter which Powerbuilt device you select, you will enjoy the added self-confidence in knowing that all Powerbuilt tools and equipment meet or exceed applicable standards arranged by the US Government and then American National Requirements Institute (ANSI). Prepared to get serious? Get Powerbuilt tools.

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