PILPOC Stainless Steel Multi Angle Measuring Ruler


(30cm x 20cm) 1.4mm Thick Soft Felt Fabric Sheet Assorted Color Felt Pack DIY Craft Sewing Squares Nonwoven Patchwork


STAINLESS-STEEL, METAL KNOBS AND BOLTS: The particular PILPOC stainless steel angle ruler may be the ONLY ruler made from stainless-steel (stamped) plus metal knobs and bolts. Don’t waste money on the cheap plastic material or even aluminum ruler that will crack or dent within your tool box but

ELEVATED METALLIC BOLTS, LASER ETCHED MARKINGS: The sturdy metal bolts around the PILPOC multi angle design template tool are created for an simple grip. The laser beam etched markings guarantee that it will not get erased within your toolbox and

IDEAL AND PRECISE CUTS EACH TIME: This beautiful multiple angle measuring ruler slides plus locks in to any kind of desired angle with regard to endless applications. 90 degree angles or a T-Square , the PILPOC angle ruler design template tool can help you get the job done correct.

TOP QUALITY, MUST HAVE TOOL: Made of thick black stainless steel and raised metal bolts, this angle ruler template tool is built to last. It’s the most versatile tool and it comes with a protective velvet cloth case and a carpenter pencil and

PILPOC IS A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: Fulfilled by Amazon, sent From the USA. PILPOC stands behind all of our products so you can return your PILPOC multi angle measuring ruler within 14 days for an easy refund.


Buy the premium quality PILPOC Multi Angle Measuring Ruler and easily create a custom stencil for every job!

Simply place the multi position measurement ruler design template tool on the work area, slide the particular rulers in to the shape you require, and tighten the screws. Then you can certainly fix any kind of desired angle like a reusable stencil with regard to endless applications.

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