Junk your inkjets…Get this!

July 13, 2017

After 6 months I still love this printer! My previous Brother printers were always reliable and so is this one. When I need it to print a certain way it just does it. Manual feed, easy. Envelopes, easy (with envelope levers down). Thick stock. Lots of paper capacity.

Color reproduction is excellent! I was expecting only color documents but poor photo quality but NO…to my surprise this prints better than my 4-color photo optimized inkjet and I just got frustrated and tired of all the inkjet maintenance issues. Occasionally there are some minor color reproduction errors on some photos but I wont dock any marks because (1) I have a “printer’s eye” – so I’m naturally picky…my parents owned a print shop, (2) color lasers are not intended as photo printers (3) It is very minor and much less than I anticipated as a color laser.


December 25, 2017

The printer comes with four standard toner cartridges that they are practically giving to you for free. The Super High-Yield color cartridges cost $173.48 per cartridge. The Super High-Yield Black cartridge costs $82.48. A full set would set you back $602.92. Third party cartridges are hundreds of dollars cheaper, but the build quality of the cartridges is worse and the quality of the toner is not very good. You risk damaging the printer or the toner can leak into the printer when using third party cartridges. You won’t run out of toner for a couple years. The toner will outlive the printer most likely. Laser Printers use toner and Inkjet Printers use ink. Toner lasts much longer than ink. Make sure you maintain the printer and avoid paper jams as much as possible. You can order the printer with one paper tray or two paper trays. You can buy additional trays later, but they cost more individually. The paper trays are not for thick paper, glossy paper and envelopes, but the multipurpose tray is for thick paper, glossy paper and envelopes. It has an easy to use interface on the touch screen with access to a couple of applications. You can print from Google Drive and what not. This printer can’t scan, copy or fax documents, it only prints. It has Ethernet and Wireless connectivity. I chose to connect it via Ethernet to the router because a direct connection will always be more reliable than a wireless connection. I don’t know if the wireless connection is good, but I assume that it doesn’t disconnect as much as the HP Photosmart 7520 I have. It doesn’t support Gigabit speeds over a wireless network as it isn’t 802.11ac ready and it can’t connect to the 5 GHz band if your network broadcasts on the band. I am not able to install the utility on macOS 10.13.2, but I’m able to install the utility on Windows 10. Drivers for the printer are great, but they don’t offer any additional features that can be used for print jobs. I almost forgot to tell you that you can print from your iPhone or any modern mobile device. If your mobile device supports the NFC technology, then you can print without being on the same network as the printer, but you have to be near the printer. I have had no issues thus far. It’s a business printer and I’m using it for home and personal usage, so it should perform very well. This is my first color laser printer and thus far I’m happy.

Great bang for your buck

February 22, 2019

Overall, a great bang for buck product.

I use this as an office printer at a small business. it handles pretty much everything except heavy marketing materials, and even then, it still does a great job. image quality is pretty high–obviously nothing like FedEx or Vistaprint but I don’t feel embarrassed about distributing the sell sheets and small catalogs I use this printer for.

if you send a large or intense job, especially if it’s collated, it WILL take a long time. I sent 30 copies of a double-sided 8 page catalog to it and it took about 90 minutes. that’s fine if you have the time. just something to be aware of. otherwise it prints fairly fast.

wifi connectivity works great. it was easy to follow set up instructions and took me maybe 20 minutes from start to finish.

my only criticism is it does tend to run out of toner fairly fast. I haven’t actually counted the pages I’ve printed so it could be that I’m just printing a ton of material, but Ive had to replace the cartridges about once a month since I’ve had it.

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