CO-Z Step Drill Bits

Step Drill Bits

CO-Z Stage Drill Bits, HSS 5PCS Titanium Step Drill Bit Arranged, 50 Sizes on Five High Speed Metal Unibit Drill Bits Set for Sheet Metal by way of Aluminum Case,…

CO-Z Step Drill Bits

– Intense Durabikity: Cobalt high speed metal drill bits along with the titanium coating guarantees extreme durability, will stay new and then shiny for years to arrive.

– Diverse Sizes in Holes Can Be Drilled: Different sized shanks make sure compatibility with 1/4, 3/8 and then 1/2 in. chuck sizes. That you are capable to drill holes in various sizes which can fulfill your regular needs.

CO-Z Step Drill Bits

– Smooth Drilling: Non-walking drill tip gives fast and then smooth drills on metal sheets, aluminum sheets, wood board, plastic board etc. (the board should be smaller in thickness compared to the height of step drill bits).

– Use Center Punch to Mark the Spot: Make sure you mark the spot that you are to drill intended for easier drilling and improved drill bits life.

– Keep Your Stage Drill Bits Well Organized: All the bits come in a well-organized case for easy transport and storage.

CO-Z Step Drill Bits

CO-Z step drill bits

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